Our notarial activities include the following main areas and services, which we offer in the entire Canton of Bern:

Property law

Public certification of:

  • Real estate purchase contracts and service contracts
  • Easement agreement
  • Contracts concerning servitudes
  • Donation agreements and assignment agreements
  • Contracts of property exchange
  • Creation of condominium apartments (including elaboration of all regulations)
  • Contracts of construction
  • Parcelling and union of land

Law of succession

Public certification of:

  • Inheritance contracts
  • Testaments
  • Tax inventories, inheritance inventories and public inventories

Counsel in:

  • Advancements of the inheritance
  • Conflicts of inheritance
  • Planning and administration of inheritance
  • Execution of will
  • Implementation of separation of property

Commercial law and corporate law

Public certification of:

  • Incorporation of entities (stock company, private limited company and foundation)
  • Merger, conversion, separation and asset transfer
  • Increase or reduction of capital
  • Liquidations

Counsel in:

  • Creation of associations and cooperatives
  • Elaboration of by-laws and organisational regulations
  • Arrangement of share purchase contracts and shareholder agreements

Matrimonial law

Public certification of marriage contract

Elaboration of contracts of concubinage

Contract law

Contract negotiations, creation and verification

Public certification of protective provisions

Certification of signatures and copies

Public certification of guarantee


We inform our clients in advance of the expected costs of the legal transaction. The determination of the notary costs are written in the articles 50 et seq. of the canton of Bern's notary law and the canton's regulation of the notary's fees.

Fee information for notary services
Regulation of the notary's fees
Notary law
Fee disclosure for notary services